How to start each month if you’re in Sales.

New month.
How to start it right if you’re a sales rep?
As a sales rep, who are you? The person on the left or right?

Two women standing next to each other. One person excited while the other is unamused.

Me? I’m excited because a new month means a fresh start.

We all begin at zero. That’s one of the “good” things about sales. Your previous month efforts and success matters, but at the same time it doesn’t. Your company is demanding new business and new revenues. So the attitude you approach it with sets the tone for the rest of the month.

I want you to hit the ground running. Doing all the right activities that will ensure you crush your sales quota.

Let me start by sharing some advice a top rep once told me.

“Approach the first week of the month with the same urgency and focus as you would on the last day of the month.”

– Follow up with all the lost deals and clients that ghosted you.
– Schedule a significant amount of your day to prospecting.

Do that and by the end of the second week you would have made significant traction in your quota.

It sounds difficult but this rep has never missed target since implementing this sales strategy.

Ask yourself what is the minimum daily activity that I will be doing?
– How many new meetings will I have?
– How many quotes will I send out?
– How many pieces of content will I create?
– How many prospecting calls will I make each day?

If you don’t have the answer to these questions you need to get them today. Here’s a great video to help you 8 Key Sales Metrics to consider for 2024. by my brother in sales, Lyndon Brathwaite. This will help you understand the exact numbers/ effort needed to achieve your monthly quota.

I’m writing this because June is the last month in the first half of this year. Many of us in sales have bonuses tied to our performance so lets make it count.

Have a great June everyone.

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