How To Generate Leads on Linkedin: MDRT Keynote Speech

Jarrod’s Keynote speech for MDRT 2023 in Trinidad and Tobago.

I was recently the keynote speaker for MDRT 2023, where I was thrilled to share my journey and insights on mastering LinkedIn for sales and content creation. In the talk, I delved into the transformative power of video content and the art of profile optimization. Let me guide you through the tactics that have not only reshaped my professional landscape but can also elevate your LinkedIn strategy to new heights. If you have been wondering how to generate leads on Linkedin, then this video is for you.

Key Points:

  1. LinkedIn Analytics and Video Content:
    • Jarrod discusses his impressive LinkedIn analytics, emphasizing the organic reach and engagement his content receives.
    • He stresses the importance of video content in building trust and authority, dismissing other forms of content as less effective.
  2. Business Success Through LinkedIn:
    • He shares his success in closing significant business deals through LinkedIn, highlighting a strategy where customers approach him at the buying stage.
    • Jarrod’s approach emphasizes adapting to the buyer’s preferences and understanding their needs, particularly through engaging content.
  3. The Role of Content in Sales:
    • Jarrod advises on using content as a tool to be involved in the customer’s buying process, suggesting that traditional sales methods are becoming outdated.
    • He encourages the audience to let content do the work of building authority and trust.
  4. Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles:
    • He gives detailed advice on optimizing LinkedIn profiles, stressing the importance of a professional image, a compelling banner, and an engaging tagline.
    • Jarrod demonstrates how a well-optimized profile can make a great first impression and attract potential clients.
  5. Engagement with LinkedIn Connections:
    • Jarrod discusses the common mistake of pitching immediately after connecting on LinkedIn and suggests creating value first.
    • He explains the power of personalized video messages to engage with new connections.
  6. Content Creation Strategies:
    • Jarrod offers strategies for content creation, emphasizing the importance of addressing customer concerns and questions.
    • He suggests various content ideas, including sharing customer stories, FAQs, and insights from personal client meetings.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Leverage Video Content for Authentic Engagement: Jarrod believes that video is the most effective form of content on LinkedIn, as it builds trust and establishes a genuine connection with the audience.
  2. Optimize LinkedIn Profiles for Maximum Impact: A well-optimized LinkedIn profile is crucial. It should tell a story and showcase an individual’s professional journey and achievements.
  3. Create Value-Driven Content: Content should focus on providing value to the audience, addressing their needs and concerns, rather than directly selling a product or service.

In conclusion, my talk offers some key strategies for making the most of LinkedIn, with a special focus on the power of video content, the art of optimizing profiles, and the need for creating content that truly provides value. These approaches have been pivotal in my success in sales and content creation, and I’m excited to share these insights with you. I also hope this talk gave you some great insights on how to generate leads on Linkedin.

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